Press Kit

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Forte² is a habit tracker that doesn’t punish you for having a bad day.

Build Habits, Not Streaks

Unlike the majority of habit trackers on the market, Forte² doesn’t keep track of streaks. The problem with this is that users can build up this streak for weeks or months just to have it set back to zero in one day. In my experience, this is extremely demotivating and one study on habit formation showed missing one day did not have any affect on forming habits. In Forte² your habit is run through a custom algorithm that gives you a score based on your performance. Unlike streaks, this score will not go down to zero from one missed day.

Track habits multiple times a day

In Forte² you can track habits up to 100 times a day.


By making progress on your habits you can earn achievements and easily share them with your friends.


Quickly see your days progress with the new homescreen widgets.

Privacy Lock

You can keep your habits away from prying eyes with the new privacy lock. Use your phone’s Touch ID or Face ID to keep your habits private.

Forte Premium

The app is free (with no ads) for up to three habits, after that you can subscribe to unlock unlimited habits.

Premium Features

  • Track unlimited habits
  • Customize app icon and accent color


Any further questions please contact or on Twitter @collindaugherty