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I created Forte because I was unhappy with the state of habit trackers on the App Store. Typical habit trackers focus on streaks as the primary metric to track habit building.

The problem with this is that users can build up this streak for weeks or months just to have it set back to zero in one day. In my experience, this is extremely demotivating and one study on habit formation showed missing one day did not have any affect on forming habits.

That is why tracking streaks is unhelpful in the long term.

Forte is different. Forte calculates a score based on every time you complete, skip, or fail to complete a habit. Failing one day will set your score back a bit, but won't reset it back to zero, giving you the opportunity to quickly get back on track.

The FREE version of Forte allows you to track up to 3 habits. To track more, you'll need to upgrade to Forte Premium.

Forte is available for pre-order here and will release on Monday, June 1st.

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About the Developer

👋 Hi, I'm Collin Daugherty

I'm a designer, web developer, and now mobile app developer from Minnesota.

Forte is my first venture into mobile development and I'm excited to see what people think of the app that has been occupying my brain 24/7 since the start of 2020.

Thank you to all the beta testers that helped me track down those last pesky bugs before launch!


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